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II. NEOWISE Single-exposure Source Database

II.1. General Properties

The NEOWISE Single-exposure Source Database contains positions, flux measurements, and ancillary information for 188,876,840,852 detections made on the individual NEOWISE W1 and W2 Single-exposure images acquired during the first ten years of survey operations. Because NEOWISE scanned the entire sky multiple times, the Single-exposure Database contains multiple, independent measurements of objects.

This section provides a high-level description of the format, content and properties of the NEOWISE Single-exposure Source Database. The format and a brief description of each column in the Source Database are given in II.1.a. The general content of the Database is described in II.1.b. The photometric and astrometric properties are presented in sections II.1.c and II.1.d, respectively. The completeness and reliability of detections in the Database are discussed in II.1.e. Additional information provided with each Source Database entry is described in II.1.f.

Please read about the known features and issues with the NEOWISE Single-exposure Source Database in the Cautionary Notes, and advice on how best to make use of the Source Database in your research in Section II.3.

II.1.a Format and Column Descriptions

II.1.b. Database Contents

Last Updated: 18 March 2024

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