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VII. 3-Band Cryo Data Release

3. 3-Band Cryo Data Processing

Science data processing for the WISE 3-Band Cryo survey phase was carried out using version 4.5 of the WISE Science Data System (WSDS). WSDS v4.5 was adapted from WSDS v4 which was used to process the full cryogenic survey data, and that produced the All-Sky Release data products. WSDS v4.5 maintains all of the major elements of the earlier version, and preserves all improvements and benefits that constitute WISE second-pass data processing.

The modifications that were made for WSDS v4.5 deal primarily with dropping W4 data from all aspects of the processing, and accommodating the changes to and time-dependence of the performance of the W1, W2 and W3 detectors. During the full cryogenic mission phase, the WISE payload was so stable that a single set of calibration image products and parameters could be used for the entire data set. 3-Band Cryo phase processing required developing the infrastructure for time-dependent calibrations and algorithms in many of the pipeline science modules.

Section VII.3.a contains a summary of the major pipeline changes that were made for 3-Band Cryo data processing. The basic design, functionality and algorithms for each WSDS pipeline science module are described in IV.4. Changes to the individual modules for WSDS v4.5 are described in more detail in sections VII.3.b-i. Modules that are not explicitly included within subsections in VII.3 are largely unchanged from WSDS v4.

a. Summary of Pipeline Modifications for 3-Band Cryo Processing

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