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II. The WISE All-Sky Data Products

3. Atlas Images

h. Full-Depth Ecliptic Polar Atlas Images

  1. Description and Contents
  2. Access the WISE Full-Depth Ecliptic Polar Atlas Image Sets

i. Description and Contents

The WISE survey scanning strategy produced frameset depth-of-coverage that increased with increasing ecliptic latitude. Typically, 12 independent Single-exposures were accumulated at each point on the sky near the Ecliptic plane, and over 3000 exposures were obtained directly at the north and south Ecliptic poles. The extremely large number of framesets involved with Tiles near the Poles exceeded the processing memory and runtime capabilities for source extraction, so coverage was artificially limited to an average depth of approximately 160 framesets for 41 Tiles near the Ecliptic poles (20 in the north and 21 in the south) during the Multiframe Pipeline processing that produced the All-Sky Image Atlas and Source Catalog.

Although source extraction using all available Single-exposure framesets was not feasible for these 41 Tiles, the full-depth coadded image products were constructed using all framesets that satisfied the basic selection criteria described in V.2.c. These full-depth image sets are provided to augment the basic All-Sky Atlas Images.

The WISE Full-Depth Ecliptic Polar Atlas Images are 4095x4095 pix @1.375"/pix FITS format image sets. One image set is produced for each of the 41 Atlas Tiles for which coverage was attenuated for the All-Sky Atlas and Source Catalog. Each image set consists of:

The Full-Depth Polar Atlas Images and maps are in the Flexible Image Transport System (FITS) format and follow the World Coordinate System (WCS) standard for astronomical image data.

The Full-Depth Ecliptic Polar Atlas Image products have filenames that follow the same convention as the All-Sky Atlas Images:

where BAND = 1, 2, 3, or 4, and COADDID is a unique identification string pertaining to the sky footprint (see II.2.a). The disambiguation string in the COADDID is ab42 for Full-Depth Polar Atlas Images (it is ab41 for the All-Sky Atlas Images). The Full-Depth Polar Atlas Image FITS header content is the same as for the All-Sky Atlas Images, and is described in II.3.b.

Because the Full-Depth Polar Atlas Images were generated using the same algorithms as the All-Sky Release Atlas Images, they are subject to the same issues and limitations. Please read the Cautionary Notes for the All-Sky Release Atlas Images.

Access to the Full-Depth Ecliptic Polar Atlas Image sets, along with cross-reference tables that contain the individual framesets used in each coadd, is availabe via the links in Table 1, below.

ii. Access the WISE Full-Depth Ecliptic Polar Atlas Image Sets

You may retrieve the image data and Atlas/Frame cross-reference information files for the 41 Full-Depth Ecliptic Polar Atlas Tiles using Table 1 below.

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