Large Scale Structure in the Universe

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  • 2MASS Galaxy Redshift Catalog (XSCz)

  • Discovery of Two Galaxies Deeply Embedded in the Great Attractor Wall

  • Reconstructed density and velocity fields from the 2MASS Redshift Survey

  • 2MRS Density Reconstruction Movie

  • Infrared Local Universe
    Read all about this image here. Watch the movie here (quicktime -- i's rather big).

    -- don't get lost, check out this chart

    (quicktime movie)

    WMAP vs. 2MASS

    (quicktime movie; here is another version)

    Infrared Milky Way

    Panoramic view
    encompasses the entire sky as seen by Two Micron All-Sky Survey features the beautiful Milky Way.

    High resolution
    of the Milky Way and Beyond

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