2MASS Galaxy Redshift Catalog

2MASS Galaxy Redshift Catalog (XSCz)


The 2MASS Extended Source Catalog (XSC) is catalog of resolved sources from the 2MASS project, comprised of mostly galaxies located in the nearby Universe (z < 0.2). Radial velocity redshifts exist for a significant fraction (~30%; see statistic summary, link below) of the XSC, most notably for the bright end of catalog (K < 11.5 mag). Photometric redshifts are derived from the NIR colors and K-band integrated flux using the prescription described in Jarrett 2004, with results given in Photometric Redshifts. A small subset (~1000 galaxies) have well determined distances based on cepheid variables, surface brightness fluctuations, tip of the red-giant sequence and Tully-Fisher, as compiled by Barry Madore and NED. These distance estimates are incorporated into the XSC to form a "redshift" catalog that covers the entire sky down to complete redshifts of z~0.09 (for L* and K=14 mag) and to depths exceeding z~0.2 for luminous galaxies. The XSCz is described in this document, including results of the photometric redshift calibration; see the links below.

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