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  • goto the Jarrett's Project Internal Pages (password required)

    WISE Blastoff !!

    First light Image !

  • Where is Wise? Heavens Above database

  • WISE Specifications

  • WSDC wiki (internal only)

  • WISE CVZ: NGC6543 & NGC6552

  • WISE-Spitzer Calibration Observations
  • SEP photometry comparison between WPHot, SAGE and Jarrett standard aperture

  • NEP Standard Star Measurements with WPHot

  • NEP Photometry

  • Extended Sources

  • Example of Image Differencing with a fuzzy galaxy

  • Size and Shape of Galaxies as seen with 2MASS, IRAC and WISE

  • Thoughts on flat-field color dependence

  • WISE Science Data Center Document Tree

  • WISE Science Data System Subsystem Interface Specifications (SIS) Description

  • Roc's WISE pages

  • Jarrett's old NGSS pages (useful allsky plots & graphics)