Infrared All Sky
Next Generation Sky Survey

T. Jarrett (IPAC)
April 18, 2000

The following are complete allsky jpeg-images from the 2MASS survey. These are hot off the press, the main FITS images generated by John Carpenter just this month. Images derived from the FITS will be Mike Skrutskie's clap of thunder at the AAS (and Sky&Tel). A glorious symbol to the successful completion of the all-sky survey.

I have combined the FITS into 3-color jpeg images with the intention of using them in the NGSS proposal (Galactic Structure section with Martin Cohen). The 2MASS+MSX version might make a nice cover for the proposal (MSX is mid-infrared imaging for those not familiar with the Air Force mission).

See also the discussion on

2MASS All Sky Image, 3-color combination of J, H and Ks bands. Click here for the full jpeg image. Click here for another version. For a hardcopy version (3.5 inches long, but 300 dpi), try this one: I exaggerated the hue/saturation to enhance the background (necessary for hardcopies).

See also the FITS maps from John Carpenter and the 3-color jpegs from Robert Hurt. Here is Robert's favorite image. The Galactic Anticenter is just as interesting; see the J-K color image fixed on the anticenter