II. User's Guide to the WISE Preliminary Data Release

4. Ancillary Products

a. Single-Exposure Images

i. Single-Exposure Image Header Description

The WISE single-exposure images are in FITS format.

An extensive image header is added to the raw fits image data during the ingest process (IV.2). The header consists of two main sections: keywords extracted directly from the engineering housekeeping (H/K) data, and non-H/K keywords. H/K data are sampled at various rates and not synched with the acquisition of the image data. The H/K data file is downlinked and transfered to WSDC where all measurements are stored in a database. During the ingest process, this database is searched for the value of a particular keyword closest in time to the DATE-OBS mid-exposure image data acquisition time. Hence there is a time difference between DATE-OBS and the time the keyword was sampled. The header keywords HK_MINDT and HK_MAXDT (see table below) indicate the minimum and maximum time difference for all H/K derived header values.

Times in the non-H/K section of the header are all computed from various ancillary files. The times saved in the image source packet headers are from the spacecraft (S/C) clock at the time the first data reach the MUB, which is within a few msecs of the end of the exposure. It will take another 1.1 sec for the last pixels to reach the MUB. During ingest, a constant offset of -4.853 sec (indicated by the header keyword FRMTOFF) is added to this time and saved as the frame time. This time stamp corresponds to the midpoint of the track followed by the boresite during the exposure.

An example of a single-exposure image header can be found in Table 2.

Table 1 - Single-Exposure Image Header Description
Field NameExample ValueUnitsDescription
Header Keywords Not Derived from H/K Data
BITPIX -32 --- -32 => 32 bit IEEE floating point data (number of bits per data pixel)
NAXIS 2 --- Number of data axes, always = 2 for two dimensional image
NAXIS1 1016 --- Number of columns in image, 1016 for w1 - w3 (1024 - 8 reference pixels, 4 on either side of the array), 508 for w4
NAXIS2 1016 --- Number of lines in image, 1016 for w1 - w3 (1024 - 8 reference pixels, 4 each on top and bottom of the array), 508 for w4
TELESCOP 'WISE' --- observatory name
BUNIT 'DN' --- Units of image data [1]
EQUINOX 2000 --- Equinox for celestial coordinate system
RADECSYS 'FK5' --- astrometric reference system
FILETYPE 'intensity image frame' --- image type; options are 'intensity image frame', 'uncertainty image frame', 'mask image frame' [2]
DATE_OBS '2010-06-29T03:17:58.801' --- UTC of Observation midpoint (YYYY-MM-DDTHH:MM:SS.SSS)
WAVELEN 3.4micron Passband center wavelength
BAND 1 --- Band number (1,2,3,or 4)
SCAN '05943a' --- Scan ID
FRNUM 166 --- Frame number in scan
FRSETID '05943a166' --- Frame set ID
SCANSTRT '2010-180T02:50:15.689' --- Scan UTC start time (YYYY-DDDTHH:MM:SS.SSS)
SCANEND '2010-180T03:26:07.924' --- Scan UTC end time (YYYY-DDDTHH:MM:SS.SSS)
SCANGRP '3a' --- Scan ID group
FRMTOFF -4.853 sec Offset applied to packet VTC
VTC 331053354.568888 --- Observation midpoint vehicle time code
UNIXT 1277781478.80099 sec Observation midpoint UNIX time
EPHEMT 331053544.985642 sec Observation midpoint TDT secs from J2000
UTC '2010-180T03:17:58.801' --- Observation midpoint UTC date/time (YYYY-DDDTHH:MM:SS.SSS)
DATIME '2010-06-29T03:17:58.801' --- Observation midpoint calendar date/time (YYYY-MM-DDTHH:MM:SS.SSS)
MJD_OBS 55376.13748612 days Observation midpoint Modified Julian Day
JD_OBS 2455376.63748612 days Observation midpoint Julian Day
HJD_OBS 2455376.63770536 days Observation midpoint Heliocentric Julian Day
DTANNEAL 3089.12847042084 sec Time since last anneal
UTANNEAL '2010-180T02:26:29.673' --- UTC of last anneal (YYYY-DDDTHH:MM:SS.SSS)
RAWFILE 'none' --- Raw input file name; usually 'none'
TLMFILE '/wise/fops/ingest/delivs/10180/10180T040553/
--- Source packet telemetry file name
TLMSEQNO2531 --- Delivery image sequence number
DELIVID '10180T040553' --- Delivery ID
CMPRSRAT0.351 --- Compression ratio
INEVENTS'ASCE SCAN' --- Active orbit events [3]
EV*** 2424.80147141218 sec Time since orbit event start [3]
L0FILE '/wise/fops/l0/3a/05943a/fr/166/05943a166-w1-int-0.fits.gz' --- Level-0 file name
CRPIX1 508.5 --- Center Reference pixel along Axis 1
CRPIX2 508.5 --- Center Reference pixel along Axis 2
CRVAL1 225.06994510454 deg Image center RA
CRVAL2 51.4616534896619 deg Image center Dec
CTYPE1 'RA---SIN-SIP' --- Projection type (with distortion) for axis 1
CTYPE2 'DEC--SIN-SIP' --- Projection type (with distortion) for axis 2
CD1_1 0.000599691208933248 --- WCS rotation matrix element
CD1_2 -0.000474126014661878 --- WCS rotation matrix element
CD2_1 -0.000477243794866344 --- WCS rotation matrix element
CD2_2 -0.000595773493501184 --- WCS rotation matrix element
WCROTA2 141.486668244472 deg CCW rotation of RA at CRPIX1,2
PA 218.513331755528 deg Rotation of +Y EofN at CRPIX1,2
WCDELT1 -0.0007664145 deg/pix X-axis pixel scale
WCDELT2 0.0007614076 deg/pix Y-axis pixel scale
PXSCAL1 -2.7590922 arcsec/pix X-axis pixel scale
PXSCAL2 2.74106736 arcsec/pix Y-axis pixel scale
CRDER1 1.70323323453294E-06 deg Apriori RA error
CRDER2 1.67328588127058E-06 deg Apriori Dec error
UNCRTPA 0.000345836839111701 deg Apriori PA error
CSDRADEC-9.48754584403298E-09 --- Apriori RA/Dec cross-correlation
UNCRTS1 2.3E-07 deg/pix Apriori X-axis scale error
UNCRTS2 2.3E-07 deg/pix Apriori Y-axis scale error
RA0 225.023518934015 deg Level-0 ADCS frame center RA
DEC0 51.487461072027 deg Level-0 ADCS frame center Dec
PA0 218.496397299452 deg Level-0 ADCS frame rot. of +Y EofN
PA0_SC 51.5036027005476 deg Level-0 ADCS raw rot. of S/C +Y EofN
ELON0 191.917431021341 deg Level-0 ADCS frame center ecliptic lon
ELAT0 63.2678660897687 deg Level-0 ADCS frame center ecliptic lat
GLON0 86.9189600950138 deg Level-0 ADCS frame center galactic lon
GLAT0 55.682531179842 deg Level-0 ADCS frame center galactic lat
L0XFORM '-1,0,0,1' --- Raw->L0 frame transformation
L0B2BDX -9999[4] pixels Raw->L0 band x offset
L0B2BDY -9999[4] pixels Raw->L0 band y offset
L0B2BDPA-9999[4] deg Raw->L0 band rotation offset
SCRATEX 0.00751621019319527 arcmin/sec Rot. rate about S/C CF X
SCRATEY 3.7681314772562 arcmin/sec Rot. rate about S/C CF Y
SCRATEZ -0.0420933044782987 arcmin/sec Rot. rate about S/C CF Z
DISTSRC 'B00312- ' --- internal code, disregard
B2BSRC 'NONE ' --- internal code, disregard
EXPTIME 7.7 sec Frame exposure time
TSAMP 1.1 sec Sample time
FRINT 11 sec Frame-to-frame interval
DEBOFF 1024 --- DEB offset
DEBTRUNC3 --- Bits truncated by DEB
DEBGAIN 3.75 e-/DEB ADU DEB gain
FEBGAIN 5.74 e-/SUR ADU FEB gain
SUN2SCX 0.126651215420971 AU Sun-to-S/C vector X component, J2000
SUN2SCY -0.925426475714631 AU Sun-to-S/C vector Y component, J2000
SUN2SCZ -0.401159133272042 AU Sun-to-S/C vector Z component, J2000
SCVELX 0.0205831831858303 AU/day SUN-to-S/C velocity vector X component
SCVELY 0.00246213836806783 AU/day SUN-to-S/C velocity vector Y component
SCVELZ 0.00295204616463046 AU/day SUN-to-S/C velocity vector Z component
ERTH2SCX-2.29174694575148E-05 AU Earth-to-S/C vector X component
ERTH2SCY3.597251106522E-06 AU Earth-to-S/C vector Y component
ERTH2SCZ3.98692265687137E-05 AU Earth-to-S/C vector Z component
SUNSEP 92.1422509176731 deg L0 FOV center to Sun angular separation
SUNPA 312.937278760484 deg Direction of Sun, east of north
MOONSEP 99.72247578063 deg L0 FOV center to Moon angular separation
MOONPA 105.150106604223 deg Direction of Moon, east of north
MARSSEP 66.2157771148338 deg L0 FOV center to Mars angular separation
MARSPA 252.001453760767 deg Direction of Mars, east of north
JUPSEP 117.597952271002 deg L0 FOV center to Jupiter angular separation
JUPPA 49.5449502989206 deg Direction of Jupiter, east of north
SATSEP 61.7550240770178 deg L0 FOV center to Saturn angular separation
SATPA 234.051565452609 deg Direction of Saturn, east of north
GEOLON 204.592419 deg S/C geographic longitude
GEOLAT 59.810269 deg S/C geographic latitude
GEOALT 538.361093 km S/C altitude
GCD2SAA 101.027318 deg Great circle angle to SAA boundary
GEO_DT 1.19867521524429 sec Time since ground track sample
Header Keywords Derived from H/K Data IMPORTANT NOTE [5]
SURCOEF10 --- Nominal static survey SUR coefficient #1
SURCOEF2-7 --- Nominal static survey SUR coefficient #2
SURCOEF3-5 --- Nominal static survey SUR coefficient #3
SURCOEF4-3 --- Nominal static survey SUR coefficient #4
SURCOEF5-1 --- Nominal static survey SUR coefficient #5
SURCOEF61 --- Nominal static survey SUR coefficient #6
SURCOEF73 --- Nominal static survey SUR coefficient #7
SURCOEF85 --- Nominal static survey SUR coefficient #8
SURCOEF97 --- Nominal static survey SUR coefficient #9
ATTEMGEN 'false ' --- electromagnet control enable
ATT_ADST 'point ' --- current adcs state
ATT_ERRX 2.79873E-08 --- attitude error x
ATT_ERRY 3.36525E-06 --- attitude error y
ATT_ERRZ -7.25566E-06 --- attitude error z
ATTUPDMT 'three_ax_rt_att' --- attitude update method
ATT_FAQ1 0.219713 --- inertial to control attitude x
ATT_FAQ2 -0.247251 --- inertial to control attitude y
ATT_FAQ3 0.0534532 --- inertial to control attitude z
ATT_FAQ4 0.942197 --- inertial to control attitude w
ATT_FRTX 1.93254E-06 rad/sec inertial to control rate x
ATT_FRTY 0.00109616 rad/sec inertial to control rate y
ATT_FRTZ -1.23647E-05 rad/sec inertial to control rate z
ATT_METH 'three_ax_rt_att' --- attitude determination method
ATTCRCFG 5 --- current config set
ATTACCFG 'w1234_sci' --- actuator config index
GYRODTST 'good' --- Overall status of the gyro data
ICV_VLD 'valid' --- icv valid
IMU_PWR 'on' --- imu power on
MAG_PWR 'on' --- mag power on
MAGFDVST 'good' --- mag field vector status
MNVRDONE'true' --- maneuver done
MSUN_VST'good' --- measured sun vector status
MSUN_VX 0.0672943 --- measured sun x
MSUN_VY 0.992695 --- measured sun y
MSUN_VZ -0.100137 --- measured sun z
ORBSTVLD'valid' --- orbital state valid
RATERRX 1.70747E-06 rad/sec rate error x
RATERRY 8.55446E-06 rad/sec rate error y
RATERRZ 1.23647E-05 rad/sec rate error z
WHL1_SPD-141.949 rad/sec wheel 1 speed
WHL2_SPD-132.641 rad/sec wheel 2 speed
WHL3_SPD-101.226 rad/sec wheel 3 speed
WHL4_SPD-147.767 rad/sec wheel 4 speed
SEL_SENS'st1_st2_rs' --- selected sensor
INSHADOW'false' --- in shadow
NMSUNUSD6 --- number of sun sensors used
ST1_ASCT5 --- star tracker 1 att star count
ST2_ASCT4 --- star tracker 2 att star count
ST1_BGHI'ok' --- star tracker 1 background high
ST2_BGHI'ok' --- star tracker 2 background high
ST1STRID0 --- star tracker 1 star id mode
ST2STRID0 --- star tracker 2 star id mode
ST_ATTDQ'good' --- star tracker attitude data quality
ST_RTEDQ'good' --- star tracker rate data quality
ST_USED 'both' --- star tracker used
STVLDLCT'true' --- st valid last cycle
TQROD1ST'off' --- torqrod1 current powered status
TQROD2ST'off' --- torqrod2 current powered status
TQROD3ST'off' --- torqrod3 current powered status
MDSCMODE'operate ' --- Current spacecraft state
APSHIMYT100.029 K Aperture Shade Inner Cone (-Y) Temperature
APSHIPYT100.226 K Aperture Shade Inner Cone (+Y) Temperature
APSHOMYT192.4 K Aperture Shade Outer Cone (-Y) Temperature
APSHOPYT184.4 K Aperture Shade Outer Cone (+Y) Temperature
B13NUMSA9 --- Bands 1&3 Number of Samples
B1EOFERR'no' --- Band 1 End of Frame Error
B1SCIFSE93 --- Band 1 Science Frames Sent
B1MLPERR'no' --- Band 1 Missing Last Pixel Error
B1SATDET'enabled' --- Band 1 Saturation Detection Enable
B1COEFF10 --- Band 1 SUR Coefficient 1
B1COEFF2-7 --- Band 1 SUR Coefficient 2
B1COEFF3-5 --- Band 1 SUR Coefficient 3
B1COEFF4-3 --- Band 1 SUR Coefficient 4
B1COEFF5-1 --- Band 1 SUR Coefficient 5
B1COEFF61 --- Band 1 SUR Coefficient 6
B1COEFF73 --- Band 1 SUR Coefficient 7
B1COEFF85 --- Band 1 SUR Coefficient 8
B1COEFF97 --- Band 1 SUR Coefficient 9
B1SUROFF1024 --- Band 1 SUR Offset
B1SSYERR'no' --- Band 1 Sample Sync Error
B1PSATTH16000 --- Band 1 Pixel Saturation Threshold
B1FPTERR'no' --- Band 1 Focal Plane Timeout Error
B1TRBITS3 --- Band 1 Truncated Bits
B24NUMSA9 --- Bands 2&4 Number of Samples
B2EOFERR'no' --- Band 2 End of Frame Error
B2SCIFSE93 --- Band 2 Science Frames Sent
B2MLPERR'no' --- Band 2 Missing Last Pixel Error
B2SATDET'enabled ' --- Band 2 Saturation Detection Enable
B2COEFF10 --- Band 2 SUR Coefficient 1
B2COEFF2-7 --- Band 2 SUR Coefficient 2
B2COEFF3-5 --- Band 2 SUR Coefficient 3
B2COEFF4-3 --- Band 2 SUR Coefficient 4
B2COEFF5-1 --- Band 2 SUR Coefficient 5
B2COEFF61 --- Band 2 SUR Coefficient 6
B2COEFF73 --- Band 2 SUR Coefficient 7
B2COEFF85 --- Band 2 SUR Coefficient 8
B2COEFF97 --- Band 2 SUR Coefficient 9
B2SUROFF1024 --- Band 2 SUR Offset
B2SSYERR'no' --- Band 2 Sample Sync Error
B2PSATTH14500 --- Band 2 Pixel Saturation Threshold
B2FPTERR'no' --- Band 2 Focal Plane Timeout Error
B2TRBITS3 --- Band 2 Truncated Bits
B3EOFERR'no' --- Band 3 End of Frame Error
B3SCIFSE93 --- Band 3 Science Frames Sent
B3MLPERR'no' --- Band 3 Missing Last Pixel Error
B3SATDET'enabled' --- Band 3 Saturation Detection Enable
B3COEFF1-4 --- Band 3 SUR Coefficient 1
B3COEFF2-3 --- Band 3 SUR Coefficient 2
B3COEFF3-2 --- Band 3 SUR Coefficient 3
B3COEFF4-1 --- Band 3 SUR Coefficient 4
B3COEFF50 --- Band 3 SUR Coefficient 5
B3COEFF61 --- Band 3 SUR Coefficient 6
B3COEFF72 --- Band 3 SUR Coefficient 7
B3COEFF83 --- Band 3 SUR Coefficient 8
B3COEFF94 --- Band 3 SUR Coefficient 9
B3SUROFF1024 --- Band 3 SUR Offset
B3SSYERR'no' --- Band 3 Sample Sync Error
B3PSATTH16000 --- Band 3 Pixel Saturation Threshold
B3FPTERR'no' --- Band 3 Focal Plane Timeout Error
B3TRBITS2 --- Band 3 Truncated Bits
B4EOFERR'no' --- Band 4 End of Frame Error
B4SCIFSE93 --- Band 4 Science Frames Sent
B4MLPERR'no' --- Band 4 Missing Last Pixel Error
B4SATDET'enabled' --- Band 4 Saturation Detection Enable
B4COEFF1-4 --- Band 4 SUR Coefficient 1
B4COEFF2-3 --- Band 4 SUR Coefficient 2
B4COEFF3-2 --- Band 4 SUR Coefficient 3
B4COEFF4-1 --- Band 4 SUR Coefficient 4
B4COEFF50 --- Band 4 SUR Coefficient 5
B4COEFF61 --- Band 4 SUR Coefficient 6
B4COEFF72 --- Band 4 SUR Coefficient 7
B4COEFF83 --- Band 4 SUR Coefficient 8
B4COEFF94 --- Band 4 SUR Coefficient 9
B4SUROFF1024 --- Band 4 SUR Offset
B4SSYERR'no' --- Band 4 Sample Sync Error
B4PSATTH16000 --- Band 4 Pixel Saturation Threshold
B4FPTERR'no' --- Band 4 Focal Plane Timeout Error
B4TRBITS2 --- Band 4 Truncated Bits
B3FPATEM7.35145 K Back of Band 3 FPA Temperature
B4FPATEM7.3758 K Back of Band 4 FPA Temperature
CHANAPSA-4.7791 arcmin Channel A Position [A] [6]
CHANAPSB-2.95476 arcmin Channel A Position [B] [6]
CHANBPSA0 arcmin Channel B Position [A] [6]
CHANBPSB-0.0012875 arcmin Channel B Position [B] [6]
CURAMSAM4097 --- Current Ramp Samples
LFOLERRA'no' --- Large Following Error [A] [6]
LFOLERRB'no' --- Large Following Error [B] [6]
B1FEBFT132.181 K FEB Band 1 FPA Temperature 1
B1FEBFT232.0457 K FEB Band 1 FPA Temperature 2
B1FEBOVO1.80394 V FEB Band 1 Offset Voltage
B2FEBFT131.9447 K FEB Band 2 FPA Temperature 1
B2FEBFT231.6436 K FEB Band 2 FPA Temperature 2
B2FEBOVO1.84315 V FEB Band 2 Offset Voltage
B3FEBFT17.13138 K FEB Band 3 FPA Temperature 1
B3FEBFT27.20698 K FEB Band 3 FPA Temperature 2
B3FEBOVO1.74511 V FEB Band 3 Offset Voltage
B4FEBFT17.13379 K FEB Band 4 FPA Temperature 1
B4FEBFT27.19731 K FEB Band 4 FPA Temperature 2
B4FEBOVO1.68629 V FEB Band 4 Offset Voltage
ANNHEA_A'disabled' --- Annealing Heater A Enabled
ANNHEAPA'off' --- Annealing Heater A Power Indicator
ANNHEA_B'disabled' --- Annealing Heater B Enabled
ANNHEAPB'off' --- Annealing Heater B Power Indicator
ANNHEA_T0 sec Annealing Heater Timer
IVCSADOT62.934 K IVCS Aft Dome Temperature
IVCSLHET60.7208 K IVCS LHe Cooling Loop Temperature
OVCSAFDT111.711 K OVCS Aft Dome Temperature
OVCSRART111.131 K OVCS Radiator Ring Temperature
PRITBOTT7.40113 K Primary Tank Bottom Temperature
PRITTOPT7.79561 K Primary Tank Top Temperature
SCPOSMON'b' --- Scanner selected for position monitoring
SCANVELA3.65 arcmin/sec Scan Velocity [A] [6]
SCANVELB3.81 arcmin/sec Scan Velocity [B] [6]
SECTBOTT11.851 K Secondary Tank Bottom Temperature
SECTTOPT11.5333 K Secondary Tank Top Temperature
PSEQEN_A'disabled' --- Position Sequencer Enabled [A] [6]
PSEQEN_B'enabled ' --- Position Sequencer Enabled [B] [6]
SERVEN_A'disabled' --- Servo Enabled [A] [6]
SERVEN_B'enabled ' --- Servo Enabled [B] [6]
BAFFRONT11.0915 K Baffle Front Temperature
BSPLMOUT11.231 K Beamsplitter Mount Temperature
TELINTFT11.0454 K Telescope Interface Flange Temperature
SCAMIRRT11.0148 K Scan Mirror Temperature
SECMIRRT11.1069 K Secondary Mirror Temperature
T12FPOIT109.778 K Tube 1/2 Fold Point Temperature
T23FPOIT62.934 K Tube 2/3 Fold Point Temperature
SHNDSPTE186.4 K Shell near Door Sep. Plane Temperature
SHNPVETE190.4 K Shell near Primary Vent Temperature
SHARDOTE192.1 K Shell at Rear Dome Temperature
TLCURMOD'nominal' --- Current telemetry mode
PLPAMPRT21.8691 K payload_preamp_redundant temperature
PLPAMP_T20.1915 K payload_preamp temperature
HK_MINDT0.199000358581543 sec Minimum H/K sample dt
HK_MAXDT-7.80099964141846 sec Maximum H/K sample dt
Pipeline-Related Keywords
INGSTREV'$Id: ingestpipe 7741 2010-04-06 02:02:59Z tim $' --- Svn revision
L0CREATE'2010-06-29T09:15:40.347Z' --- Level-0 file creation date/time
CAL01 '/wise/fops/cal/ifr/wise-meta-ingest.tbl' --- processing input file
CK01 '/wise/fops/ref/mos/naif/10180/WISE_CK_2010_06_29_03_31_39.bc' --- processing input file
CK02 '/wise/fops/ref/mos/naif/10180/WISE_CK_2010_06_29_05_08_22.bc' --- processing input file
CK03 --- input file
--- processing input file
--- processing input file
HK01 '/wise/fops/ref/mos/hk/hk.db' --- processing input file
SCLK01 'WIS_SCLKSCET.00023.tsc' --- processing input file
SPK01 '/wise/fops/ref/mos/naif/10153/
--- processing input file
SPK02 '/wise/fops/ref/mos/naif/10155/
--- processing input file
SPK03 '/wise/fops/ref/mos/naif/10158/
--- processing input file
SPK04 '/wise/fops/ref/mos/naif/10160/
--- processing input file
SPK05 '/wise/fops/ref/mos/naif/10162/
--- processing input file
SPK06 '/wise/fops/ref/mos/naif/10165/
--- processing input file
SPK07 '/wise/fops/ref/mos/naif/10167/
--- processing input file
SPK08 '/wise/fops/ref/mos/naif/10169/
--- processing input file
SPK09 '/wise/fops/ref/mos/naif/10172/
--- processing input file
SPK10 '/wise/fops/ref/mos/naif/10174/
--- processing input file
TLM01 '/wise/fops/ingest/delivs/10180/
--- processing input file
TLM02 '/wise/fops/ingest/delivs/10180/
--- processing input file
TLM03 '/wise/fops/ingest/delivs/10180/
--- processing input file
TLM04 '/wise/fops/ingest/delivs/10180/
--- processing input file
TRK01 '/wise/fops/ref/mos/track/
WIS_NAV_WGT_21Jun_RadarOD_2010_172_18_05_10.txt '
--- processing input file
TRK02 '/wise/fops/ref/mos/track/
WIS_NAV_WGT_23Jun_RadarOD_2010_174_17_26_09.txt '
--- processing input file
TRK03 '/wise/fops/ref/mos/track/
WIS_NAV_WGT_25Jun_RadarOD_2010_176_17_40_56.txt '
--- processing input file
TRK04 '/wise/fops/ref/mos/track/
WIS_NAV_WGT_28Jun_RadarOD_2010_179_17_37_00.txt '
--- processing input file
LONGSTRN'OGIP 1.0' --- FITS keyword indicating that strings longer than 68 characters are used in the header
WRELEASE'release-v3.5' --- WSDS s/w release tag
ICALDIR '/wise/fops/cal/ifr' --- directory containing instrumental calibration files
Distortion Matrix
A_0_0 0.7228039 --- distortion coefficient
A_0_1 -0.000124322 --- distortion coefficient
A_0_2 -7.793528E-06 --- distortion coefficient
A_0_3 -2.928111E-10 --- distortion coefficient
A_0_4 -6.270019E-13 --- distortion coefficient
A_1_0 -0.0007790246 --- distortion coefficient
A_1_1 1.344445E-06 --- distortion coefficient
A_1_2 1.228555E-09 --- distortion coefficient
A_1_3 -5.895443E-13 --- distortion coefficient
A_2_0 -1.629945E-06 --- distortion coefficient
A_2_1 -1.186318E-10 --- distortion coefficient
A_2_2 1.503974E-12 --- distortion coefficient
A_3_0 2.756392E-09 --- distortion coefficient
A_3_1 -4.586393E-13 --- distortion coefficient
A_4_0 1.794526E-12 --- distortion coefficient
A_DMAX 2.046 pixel maximum correction
A_ORDER 4 --- polynomial order, Axis 1, detector to sky
AP_0_0 -0.7233219 --- distortion coefficient
AP_0_1 0.0001261763 --- distortion coefficient
AP_0_2 7.795772E-06 --- distortion coefficient
AP_0_3 2.696271E-10 --- distortion coefficient
AP_0_4 6.665114E-13 --- distortion coefficient
AP_1_0 0.0007777227 --- distortion coefficient
AP_1_1 -1.342059E-06 --- distortion coefficient
AP_1_2 -1.159637E-09 --- distortion coefficient
AP_1_3 6.084245E-13 --- distortion coefficient
AP_2_0 1.636841E-06 --- distortion coefficient
AP_2_1 1.107923E-10 --- distortion coefficient
AP_2_2 -1.580363E-12 --- distortion coefficient
AP_3_0 -2.759976E-09 --- distortion coefficient
AP_3_1 4.712913E-13 --- distortion coefficient
AP_4_0 -1.804259E-12 --- distortion coefficient
AP_ORDER4 --- polynomial order, Axis 1, sky to detector
B_0_0 -0.07946909 --- distortion coefficient
B_0_1 0.0003218232 --- distortion coefficient
B_0_2 1.165828E-06 --- distortion coefficient
B_0_3 -3.174803E-09 --- distortion coefficient
B_0_4 -8.545365E-13 --- distortion coefficient
B_1_0 -0.0002481941 --- distortion coefficient
B_1_1 -3.541684E-06 --- distortion coefficient
B_1_2 -4.987962E-10 --- distortion coefficient
B_1_3 1.458031E-12 --- distortion coefficient
B_2_0 -6.590985E-08 --- distortion coefficient
B_2_1 -2.60016E-10 --- distortion coefficient
B_2_2 -2.594371E-13 --- distortion coefficient
B_3_0 -6.360093E-11 --- distortion coefficient
B_3_1 7.028808E-13 --- distortion coefficient
B_4_0 8.797685E-13 --- distortion coefficient
B_DMAX 1.066 pixel maximum correction
B_ORDER 4 --- polynomial order, Axis 2, detector to sky
BP_0_0 0.07930997 --- distortion coefficient
BP_0_1 -0.0003239962 --- distortion coefficient
BP_0_2 -1.163635E-06 --- distortion coefficient
BP_0_3 3.198763E-09 --- distortion coefficient
BP_0_4 8.509823E-13 --- distortion coefficient
BP_1_0 0.0002484437 --- distortion coefficient
BP_1_1 3.542573E-06 --- distortion coefficient
BP_1_2 4.895069E-10 --- distortion coefficient
BP_1_3 -1.423222E-12 --- distortion coefficient
BP_2_0 6.524476E-08 --- distortion coefficient
BP_2_1 2.734704E-10 --- distortion coefficient
BP_2_2 2.664114E-13 --- distortion coefficient
BP_3_0 6.293886E-11 --- distortion coefficient
BP_3_1 -7.164364E-13 --- distortion coefficient
BP_4_0 -8.708176E-13 --- distortion coefficient
BP_ORDER4 --- polynomial order, Axis 2, sky to detector
SKEW 0. deg Y-axis shear
Photometric Calibration
MAGZP 20.73 mag Relative single exposure photometric zero point
MAGZPUNC -999[4] --- 1-sigma uncertainty in MAGZP (-999 = undefined)[7]
PCAL 0 --- 0 = static PCAL, 1 = photometric calibration zeropoints dynamically derived [7]
Notes to Table 1

[1] In Version 3.5 processing, BUNIT is incorrectly listed as 'DN' (instead of 'null') in the mask (msk) images.

[2] In Version 3.5 processing, the FILETYPE is incorrectly given as 'intensity image frame' instead of 'mask image frame' and 'uncertainty image frame' for the mask (msk) and uncertainty (unc) images, respectively.

[3] Various event keywords only appear in the header if the data were taken during one of these possible events:

 'SAA'= within pre-defined SAA boundary
 'MOON'= within moon keepout zone
 'MOM'= momentum dumping
 'OCCULTED'= Sun is occulted
 'IMCAL'= image calibration
 'DESC'= we are in a descending scan
 'SCAN'= yes, we are in a science scan (you should always see this)
 'ASCE'= we are in an ascending scan
 'NEP' = North ecliptic pole crossing
 'SEP' = South ecliptic pole crossing
 '12PM', '6AM', '6PM', '12AM' = Orbit points
The events are listed in the header keyword INEVENTS. For each event, an additional header entry is created, starting with 'EV'. The keyword value corresponds to the time since the event began. In the example header, the events ASCE and SCAN occur as listed under INEVENTS. Hence, the additional keywords EVASCE and EVSCAN are added to the header of this particular image:
INEVENTS= 'ASCE   SCAN'        / Active orbit events
EVASCE  =     2424.80147141218 / [sec] Time since orbit event start
EVSCAN  =      1663.1124714613 / [sec] Time since orbit event start

[4] -9999 or -999 indicate "no value"

[5] In Version 3.5 processing, the H/K derived header keyword description fields are missing. Instead of the description, the mnemonic and the time since the keyword was last sampled in the H/K database are listed. The correct keyword description is provided here for reference.

[6] WISE has two redundant scan mirror assemblies, indicated by [A] and [B].

[7] For single exposure products in the preliminary release, MAGZPUNC is always -999 (undefined) and the derivation of MAGZP was not dynamic, hence PCAL always has a value of 0.

Table 2 - Example of a single-exposure image header

Last update: 2011 April 8

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