Palomar Observatory

Hale 200" Telescope
The Big Eye

dawn approaches

great shot by Achim Tappe
the morning of Aug 17th, 2005.

Copyright by Thomas Jarrett. Email me for permission to reproduce this image.
Large, high resolution versions are available (with or without annotation)

the great dome

Achim Tappe and Tom Jarrett
stand before the great 200" dome (photo by J. Rho)


from the Big Eye

This image was captured UT May 14, 2006 at 06:46:10, using the wide-field infrared camera (WIRC) with 2um filters under perfect viewing conditions (seeing ~0.6"). The bright "blue" spot in the upper left is the Galilean moon Io transiting across the face of Jupiter. Check out more pix of Jupiter from the Caltech Palomar Image Gallery.

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