I. Introduction

7. Acronym List

ADAP NASA ROSES Astrophysics Data Analysis Program
ARTID Artifact Identification Subsystem in the WSDS
AWAIC A WISE Astronomical Image Coadder module in the WSDS system
AWOD A WISE Outlier Detection module in the WSDS system
BATC Ball Aerospace and Technologies Corporation
BmatchBackground matching
COADD Image Coaddition subsystem in the WSDS
CPU Central Processing Unit
CROTA2 Coordinate ROTAtion about axis 2 (W.of.N convention)
DEB Digital Electronics Box (WISE Payload Component)
DN Data Number
FEB Focal-plane Electronics Box (WISE Payload Component)
FITS Flexible Image Transport System
FOV Field-of-View
FPA Focal Plane Assembly
FPG Final Product Generation
FWHM Full Width at Half Maximum
gnDSTR generate Distortion (WSDS module that calibrates distortion)
HgCdTe Mercury Cadmium Telluride
HRDP High Rate Data Processor
IAUInternational Astronomical Union
ICalInstrumental Calibration module in the WSDS
ICD Interface Control Document
ICRS Inernational Celestial Reference System
INT Intensity
IOC In-orbit Checkout
IPAC Infrared Processing and Analysis Center, California Institute of Technology
IRAS Infrared Astronomical Satellite
IRSA NASA/IPAC Infrared Science Archive
JPL Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Jy Jansky
JWST James Webb Space Telescope
LAN Local Area Network
LSB Least Significant Bit
MAD Median Absolute Deviation
MAGZP MAGnitude Zero Point
MAGZPUNC MAGnitude Zero Point UNCertainty
MDET Multiband Detection subsystem in the WSDS
MED Median
MOS Mission Operations System
MPC IAU Minor Planet Center
MSA Mission Support Area (MOS at JPL)
MTBF Mean Time Between Failures
MTTR Mean Time To Recovery
NaN Not-a-Number
NASA National Aeronautics and Space Administration
NEPNorth Ecliptic Pole
NSSDC National Space Science Data Center, NASA/GSFC
PA Position Angle
PCAL Photometric Calibration subsystem in the WSDS
PRex Position Reconstruction
PRF Point Response Function
PSF Point Spread Function
Q-to-Q Quadrant-To-Quadrant
QA Quality Assurance
RMS Root-Mean-Square Fluctuation
RSS Root-Sum-Squared
RvB Reference vs. Bandframe File (file of matched 2MRef/WISE sources)
SAA South Atlantic Anomaly
SDL Space Dynamics Laboratory, Utah State University
SEP South Ecliptic Pole
SFPREX Scan/Frame Position Reconconstruction module in the WSDS
SIP Simple Imaging Polynomial
SiAs Silicon Arsenide
SNR,S/N Signal-To-Noise Ratio
SUR, SUTR Sample-Up-the-Ramp
TDRSS Tracking Data Relay Spacecraft System
Tmatch Throughput Matching
UCLA University of California Los Angeles
UNC Uncertainty
U-Scan Universal Scan coordinate system
U System same as U-Scan
UTC Coordinated Universal Time
V&V Verification and Validation
W1,W2,W3,W4WISE Band 1 (3.4μm), Band 2 (4.6μm), Band 3 (12μm) and Band 4 (22μm)
WCS World Coordinate System
WDBWorking Database
WDISC White Sands Complex Data Interface Service Capability
WISE Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer
WMOPS WISE Moving Object Pipeline System
WPHOT WISE Photometry subsystem in the WSDS
WSC White Sands Complex
WSDC WISE Science Data Center (IPAC)
WSDS WISE Science Data System
WTCCS WISE Telemetry Command and Communications Subsystem
2MASS Two Micron All-Sky Survey
2MRef 2MASS Astrometric Reference stars

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