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V. Atlas and Catalog Generation

4. Atlas and Catalog Test and Verification Regions

The WISE All-Sky Release Atlas and Catalog Generation processes were tested on a selection of large, contiguous regions of the sky before being run on the full cryogen survey data set. Table 1 contains a list of the 12 selected "Test and Verification" regions, with their approximate centers, a short description of the field attributes, and a link to the list of Atlas Tiles contained in each region. The regions were selected to sample a broad range of astrophysical environments that would exercise the Multiframe Pipeline processing and Catalog and Atlas Generation, and for which there was often ancillary data from other surveys. These test regions also provided data sets of significant size that were convenient for verifying WISE data product performance in different regions. References to these test regions can be found in several of the analyses presented in section VI.

Figures 1 and 2 show the location of the regions on the sky in equatorial and ecliptic projections, respectively. Five of the test regions contain Tiles that are in the area of the sky that was surveyed twice during the full cryogenic mission.

Most Test and Verification regions are comprised of 7x7 contiguous grid of Atlas Tiles, covering an area approximately 10°x10° on the sky. Region 1, which covers the south equatorial pole, consists of the 61 Tiles in the four southernmost declination bands.

Table 1 - WISE All-Sky Release Test and Verification Regions
RegionCenter Tile NumberCenter Tile NameDescriptionTile List
1182371201m894South equatorial pole
239740700p257Ecliptic plane, complex field - Taurus
347092400p302High galactic latitude - SDSS overlap
4133930531m288High galactic latitude - CDF-s
519771282p121Low ecliptic latitude - M67
6157662509m470Galactic plane
775222425p545ELAIS-N1 overlap
882943368p636Low galactic latitude - Cepheus
953012174p348High galactic latitude - NDWFS - Bootes overlap
103381497p015COSMOS overlap
11165663523m546SPT overlap
1210000p000Coordinate origin, Jupiter

Figure 1 - Equatorial ProjectionFigure 2 - Ecliptic Projection
The blue boxes indicate the locations of the Tiles in the All-Sky Release Test and Verification Regions. The small green and red points denote the centers of all Atlas Tiles. Red points denote Tiles that are fully contained within the region of sky surveyed two complete times during the full cryogenic survey.

Last update: 2012 February 23

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