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IV. WISE Data Processing

3. Pipelines

b. The Moving Object Pipeline

The WISE Moving Object Pipeline System (WMOPS) searches for candidate solar system objects that move between the repeated, independent observations of the same region of sky that result from the WISE survey strategy.

WMOPS takes as input the lists of detections and metadata from the individual Single-exposures that are produced by the Scan/frame pipeline. Processing runs asynchronously from the Scan/Frame processing, using the source lists from several days worth of accumulated scans and frames at once. The elements of the Moving Object pipeline are shown in Figure 1 and summarized below. A detailed description of the WMOPS algorithm is given in IV.5.

The Moving Object pipeline produced candidate moving object tracklets (sets of source time-position pairs) that were reported to the IAU Minor Planet Center (MPC) within 10 days of the WISE observations to enable vetting by the MPC and rapid follow-up for confirmation by ground-based observers. WMOPS was run in WISE First-pass data processing during the on-orbit survey phases of the mission. WMOPS pipeline was not run concurrently with the WISE Second-pass processing that produced the All-Sky Release data products. However, WMOPS will be run on the Single-exposure source lists produced by the second-pass processing to take advantage of the improvements to the WSDS, and new tracklet data will be delivered to the MPC in late 2012.

Figure 1 - The WSDS Moving Object Pipeline operational flow diagram

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